More Bliss, Less Stress Wedding Planning Tips

More Bliss, Less Stress Wedding Planning Tips

A wedding celebration will likely be the most exciting and elaborate party you’ll ever plan, so why not make sure the planning process is fun? Try not to get caught up in the stress, but instead, enjoy the bliss.

Once the engagement celebration ends and the planning begins, we recommend having an honest conversation about the budget and how to give and take so the budget isn’t stretched. According to theknot.com1, the average cost of a wedding in 2020 was $19,000. This is down from $28,000 in 2019 due to the pandemic but expected to rise back up again. Since this is a big expense and an obviously important day, it’s a good idea to discuss which details and decisions are most important to each person.

In other words, one partner may not have a strong opinion about the color scheme but may be adamant about the music. Being in alignment on these two components (budget and what’s important to whom) will help keep the entire process on track with no surprises.

When creating the wedding celebration budget, decide what percentage of the entire budget will be spent on each section of the list. For example, Wedding Wire2 suggests that 50% of the budget is allocated for the following: venue, catering, cake, and rentals. Then the rest of the budget can be distributed, which will make creating a master list of who will do what will be a breeze.

Admittedly, chatting about lists and budgets doesn’t exactly sound like a blast, but turning this chat into a date will be a sure-fire way to kick-off the planning on a positive note. 

Let the fun begin

Working from the master to-do list, it’ll be fun to start dividing up tasks and brainstorming about possible venues, making the first draft of the guest list, creating design ideas for invitations, and gathering ideas for color scheme, flowers, the cake, music, and maybe even the honeymoon spot.

Gamify Tasks

Consider turning accomplishments into a game. For example, at the end of the week, if a collective accomplishment of a certain number of tasks has been completed, such as phone calls to florists, deposits dropped off, or final choices made, maybe splurging for a pizza or even a bottle of bubbly is in order as a reward. Then, level-up to the next batch of tasks.

Make it a Party

DIY is easy on the budget, so why not make it a DIY party? Invite some friends over to help put together goodie bags or flower arrangements and have a backyard barbeque to celebrate the accomplishments. Imagine having those goodie bags all finished and put away and then enjoying an evening of friends and laughter.

Let Them Eat Cake

Who hasn’t dreamt of grabbing a fork and diving into five or six different flavors of cake in the middle of the day? This is no dream, and the cake tasting is one of the best parts of planning a wedding. Vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry? Filling or no filling? Cream cheese icing or fondant, and which one of those toppers will be perfect? No matter how the tasks have been divided, no one wants to miss the cake tasting appointment! 

Save the Date

The options for invitations feel limitless. There are hundreds of designs, ranging from boxed leather invitations with individual wax seals to the simplest and most traditional designs. Becoming sidetracked in the varying hues of papers will be the new happy distraction. There’s a lot of fun to be had designing paper or digital wedding invitations, and no matter the choice, it will bring a smile when those RSVPs start rolling in.

Mixtape Time 

There was a time not so long ago, when love inspired the creation of a mixtape and this would be given as a token of affection. This tape was a compilation of songs that represented new love and what would lie ahead. Think of the wedding reception playlist as a look back in time and as a journey into the future of possibilities for the new couple and have a grand time creating it.

There are many fun details to consider and tasks to do when planning for a marriage celebration. From everything up to saying “I do” to when you depart for your honeymoon, use these tips to help make your entire wedding planning experience more fun than stressful. and enjoy the memories you will be sure to create on your special day.

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