Planning a Trip? Consider These Costs

Hitting the Road Again

With travel back on the rise, here’s what Americans are planning for their next adventure.

The pandemic has changed the way we live—and travel. As Americans begin exploring the world again, where and how people vacation may now be different. Take a closer look at trends for the year ahead to confidently plan and fund your next adventure.

Going domestic

After a year at home, Americans are looking forward to getting out of the house. In fact, 72% of people intend to take a trip in 2021.1 Domestic travel is on the rise—56% prefer a U.S. destination to an international one.2

of Americans are planning at least three domestic trips in 2021.3

Top 5 domestic travel destinations4 and average cost of a seven-day trip for a solo traveler:

Prioritizing safety

Travelers may be keeping safety in mind when planning their vacation—62% of people will only visit areas with a low number of COVID-19 cases.10 Unsurprisingly, the availability of vaccines across the country has increased traveler confidence.

Leading motivators to get vaccinated:2

Reconnect with friends and family
Feel safe while traveling

of Americans who have already booked a trip say getting the vaccine was a factor in their decision to travel. 11

But precautions don’t stop there—travelers are prioritizing safety when it comes to accommodations, too. As a result, 89% of people who booked a hotel cited enhanced safety measures as a reason for choosing this lodging option.12

Where travelers will stay:13

Choosing transportation

Americans are also reconsidering how they’ll get to their vacation destination. More specifically, road trips have grown in popularity.

Preferred method of transportation:14

Domestic flights
International flights

Road trip destinations:15

Visit friends or family
National park
One in five travelers want their destination to be within driving distance of their home.2

Considering costs

More than half of Americans plan to spend more money on summer trips in 2021 than in 2020; the average travel budget is currently $2,470.16, 10

To save for vacation, people are spending less on:17


Dining out or getting takeout




Streaming services

Despite these efforts, more than a quarter of people traveling expect to accumulate vacation debt.18 That’s why personal loans can be a smart payment tool—for vacation, people borrow an average of $1,260.19

Of those Americans who have taken a personal loan, 24% used the funds for a vacation.19

After months of staying home, Americans are ready to head on their next vacation. By understanding future travel trends and considering personal loans, it’s possible to plan a trip that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Ready to plan your next adventure?

See what the possibilities are with no obligation or impact to your credit score. Check your loan options now.


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